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In 2008 I was on the path to becoming a lifetime server. With no post-secondary education, it was clear if I wanted to progress I needed to make a change. Then I came across an opportunity to work online in early 2009 that allowed me the flexibility to create a business on my terms and it's been paying for my products for years.

When I saw the opportunity, I saw a vehicle to get me to my goal of having my horse farm where I could host retreats for people who are struggling and use horse therapy to work through the challenges that hold them back in life. For as long as I can remember this ranch has been in my dreams and part of my dream life. 

What else really got me as I learned more is that the company operated on philosophies that matched mine. I could not believe it! Not only that I work with people all over North America and never have to leave my house (which for an introvert is incredible).

I'm not the salesperson type of person, I'm a relationship-building type of person. So, being able to get paid and have my own business without having to be the pushy sales type of person. I didn't think this type of company was out there and I never thought I would work from home in the capacity that I do until I found this company.

What I'm doing now is building a team of people who want to take control of their lives and work from their computers and smartphone. I'm excited to help others have more options too.

Whether your dream is escaping the 9-5 grind, real-life adventure travel, long-term wandering, or having a horse ranch, this site will give you insight into the tools needed to make it a reality in the here-and-now instead of in your golden years, when you're too old to enjoy it.

If you'd like some guidance in your desire to find freedom as an online entrepreneur, we should connect, feel free to stop by and friend me on Facebook.

Thanks again for visiting my site and I hope I can help you create your ideal lifestyle of personal freedom.

Here's to your freedom!